[wingide-users] Files Modified message while debugging zope

Danny Bloemendaal danny.bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Thu Dec 1 10:23:18 EST 2005

On 1-dec-2005, at 16:16, Wingware Support wrote:

> Danny Bloemendaal wrote:
>> Every now and then I'm getting bugged by this message while I'm   
>> debugging code in Zope:
>> "Files Modified,
>> The following files are unsaved or do not match the code running  
>> in  the debug process.... <cut>"
> This is probably may be due to the auto-refresh of the Zope  
> product. We'll try to reproduce it and see if it can be fixed.  The  
> workaround is to set "Ignore Unsynchronized Files" debugger  
> preference and the dialog will never appear.

But will it use my changed code then or the version it has in memory  
from before the change? And like I said. It happens every now and then.

>> Slightly off-topic: it would be a lot better if I could cancel  
>> the  entire debug session without stopping the entire zope process.
> You want to either use detach from process in the IDE or stop the  
> debugger in the WingDBG product page.

Detaching is not what I want because the debugger continues  
processing the code. Stop WingDBG is doing the job but it's  
cumbersome. I want to do that from the IDE. Pressing the stop button  
will stop-and-restart WingDBG without me noticing it. That would be  
cool ;-)


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