[wingide-users] Files Modified message while debugging zope

Danny Bloemendaal danny.bloemendaal at informaat.nl
Thu Dec 1 06:23:39 EST 2005

Every now and then I'm getting bugged by this message while I'm  
debugging code in Zope:

"Files Modified,
The following files are unsaved or do not match the code running in  
the debug process.... <cut>"

The problem is that it doesn't occur every time. This is what I  
normally do:

I change some code in a zope product.
In zope, the product is set to auto-refresh but to make sure, I  
refresh it manually before starting a new debug session.
So, before I do something I made sure everything was saved and  
Then I set a breakpoint somewhere in my changed code and do something  
in my browser to start the debug session.
Wing nicely breaks at the selected line.
Then I press F6 and this message shows up. But, not every time after  
I did this sequence of actions. Mostly, this message doesn't appear.  
Only every now and then. I have to stop the debugger in Zope and  
restart it at some times to get rid of this.

What can be causing this? It is extremely annoying because there is  
no way to get rid of this in a proper manner other than pressing F5  
and let everything run. This is a real pain when you carefully set  
several breakpoints at several places. You'd have to remove them  
first (no!!!) or get bugged by this message over and over. There is  
no option to begin with to suppress this message in this session (non  
of the checkboxes in the message window seem to do anything).
Slightly off-topic: it would be a lot better if I could cancel the  
entire debug session without stopping the entire zope process.  
Something that works in almost every IDE (except this one). I have  
been longing for something like this since day 1 with Wing!!! Simply  
throw some error or something that can be visible in the browser or  
whatever but *let me be able to cancel everything*.

Danny Bloemendaal.

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