[wingide-users] Using Wing IDE with wxPython

Kerry Kilbride kerryk at hiwaay.net
Thu Aug 25 20:10:03 EDT 2005

   I'm evaluating Wing IDE (very impressed so far) and am attempting to 
follow the instructions that demo the use of Wing with WxPython.

   First the current version demo for WxPython is stored in "\Program 
Files\wxPython2.6 Docs and Demos\demo" not in  Lib\site-packages....

   Ok no problem.
   Set up the project and Debug / continue - the wx Demo comes up.

   I open ImageBrowser.py and set a break point in run Test() as directed.

   Then in the demo selected  More Dialogs / ImageBrowser - which comes up 
fine but there is no stop at the break point.

   Why not?  What am I doing wrong?

   Kerry Kilbride

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