[wingide-users] No Hierarchy View?

Tom Stambaugh tms at stambaugh-inc.com
Fri Aug 19 19:51:19 EDT 2005

According to section 5.0 and 5.0.1 of the help file,

"The source code browser offers three ways in which to look at your body of 
source code: By module, by class hierarchy, or with a flat list of all 
classes in your project.  These are selected using the option menu in the 

Section 5.0.1 says:
"When viewing by class hierachy, the browser replaces the hierarchical tree 
view with a list of all top-level classes (those without any parent class) 
found in analyzed code, in alphabetical order.

In this display mode, the structure on disk of your packages, directories, 
and modules is completely hidden from view.  Instead, the hierarchy of your 
classes is displayed, starting at base classes and working downward to 
derived classes.

Within each class, in addition to a list of derived classes, the methods and 
attributes for the class are shown."

Yet, in my "Wing IDE Professional, version 2.0.3-1, the "Options" menu of my 
"Source Browser" contains no entry for "Hierarchy View" -- it has, instead:

- Follow Selection
- (10 hide/show options)
- Sort Alphabetically
- Sort by Type
- Sort in File Order

How do I use Wing to display a hierarchy-view?

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