[wingide-users] Bug with "System GTK"

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Fri Aug 19 15:18:06 EDT 2005

Martijn Pieters wrote:
> And I use unstable with no problems (as long as I stay away from the Qt 
> integration theme).

Of course, I now have this problem as well. When I use the built in GTK 
the problem goes away.

This probably has to do with the transition to GCC 3.4/4.0 (C++ ABI 
change). See 

I am living in KDE-broken hell as of yesterday as it is; I accidentially 
upgraded something that now causes all my KDE menus (kicker, control 
center, etc.) to be empty. Such is live on unstable shortly after a 
stable Debian release.

Martijn Pieters
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