[wingide-users] Dual monitor support?

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Thu Aug 18 17:34:22 EDT 2005

Wingware Support wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Michael Hipp wrote:
>>Anyone using dual monitors with Wing IDE? Any issues?
>>I'm thinking of setting up a second one and keep the debug panel 
>>(horizontal tool area) on it permanently.
> There are some problems w/ dual monitors in Wing 2.0 because of bugs 
> in the underlying GUI toolkit.  We're working on upgrading and hope 
> that the situation will improve in the next major release.  The 
> upgrade seems to solve the problems, but we haven't tested it 
> extensively.

Thanks. Are the problems show-stoppers or mere annoyances? By "next 
major release" are we talking about a 3.0 or 2.1 kind of release?


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