[wingide-users] Keeping debugger out of "other" files

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Mon Aug 15 09:43:43 EDT 2005

Luc Bourhis wrote:
> On 13 Aug 2005, at 01:27, Michael Hipp wrote:
> Is there any way to tell the debugger to never go outside my project 
> files to 
> display the location of an unhanded exception.
> Frequently it will dive deep into some of the core packages for wxPython to 
> report a bug that is actually in my own code. It would be safer and more 
> useful to stick to the files in the project. If you're not paying attention 
> you can mistakenly be editing some far flung file outside the project. 
> Plus, 
> it has now taken me to a place where the actual error probably is not and I 
> have to make my way back.
> As far as I know Python does not provide an easy way to throw a 
> exception from higher in the stack trace than the line of code where the 
> problem has occurred, in the manner the Carp module does it in Perl, 
> which is a pity since pre-condition violations are nearly always better 
> signalled in the calling code than in the callee for example.
> Since Python does not provide this feature, it would indeed be nice if 
> the debugger could do so. I would reckon two alternatives: clim the 
> stack until (a) one has moved out of the faulty module and (b) one has 
> moved out of the faulty package.

To me, knowing nothing of the internals of Wing IDE, it would be a 
fairly simple matter to climb upwards until it finds it is in a file 
that is a part of the project.


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