[wingide-users] Command line parameters

Sheila King sheila at thinkspot.net
Fri Aug 12 17:18:54 EDT 2005

I have a script that, when I am testing it from the commandline prompt, I 
call like this:

/path/to/python/executable  scriptfile.py inputdata_file.txt

Where data that the script needs to run is contained in the file

I have marked in my preferences for the project, the correct python 
executable path. I have the file scriptfile.py added to my project and open 
in the IDE. How do I specify the inputdata_file.txt (which would be 
sys.argv[1] to the script).

Note, that as I debug and test, I change the particular file fed into the 
script frequently. So changing this easily is important.

I couldn't easily find this info in the documentation.

Sheila King
sheila at thinkspot.net

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