[wingide-users] Replace in selection

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Aug 8 16:33:09 EDT 2005

Gigi wrote:
> One thing that bothered me in WingIDE is that it is not possible to
> perform replace in the selected test only. This is the most useful
> mode IMO and it's the default in many IDEs. I noticed a thread from
> April 2005 (search/replace revisited...again) that addresses the same
> problem. Well, luckilly WingIDe is scriptable and it turned out that
> is is pretty simple to extend it to support replace in selection.

Thanks!  It works as advertised after fixing one typo in the script. 
The replace_in_selection function should be:

def replace_in_selection(what, with_what):
   """Replaces 'what' with 'with_what' in the current selection only"""
   def transform(text):
     return text.replace(what, with_what)
   app = wingapi.gApplication
   editor = app.GetActiveEditor()
   _transform_selection(editor, transform)

We still intend to add this functionality to the builtin search and 
replace tools.


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