[wingide-users] Launching Editor without the IDE

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Aug 4 16:34:42 EDT 2005

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, Todd Ely wrote:
> I often find myself in the OS file manager (specifically the Linux KDE 
> file manager) and want to take a quick look at a python script and would 
> like to be able to launch an instance of the editor in a stand alone 
> mode without the rest of the IDE.  Or if I have the IDE up and running 
> and I am in the file manager,  being able to right-click the python file 
> and load the script into the already running IDE would be nice 
> (currently, when I do this it starts up a whole new instance of the 
> IDE).  Could either of these be added?

Wing should already reuse an existing instance to open additional 
files, provided the existing instance is running as the same user that 
is opening from the KDE file manager.

Can you send me the contents of the file ~/.wingide2/.instance?  The 
number in the first word / first line of that file should be the 
TCP/IP port number on which Wing is listening for requests to open 
files.  You could try to see if it's working with 'telnet localhost 
<port>' where <port> gets replaced with the number in the .instance 

One possibility would be that you have a firewall that prevents Wing 
from listening on the port, although that seems somewhat unlikely.

- Stephan

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