[wingide-users] highlight copy & hex mode

Thys Meintjes thys at quaint.co.za
Thu Aug 4 11:13:32 EDT 2005

> Does it work if you omit step (2)?  Also, just to be clear, are you 
> pasting into Wing or another app?  In general the active selection 
> shouldn't be cleared by step (2) but some apps may do that.  If it is 
> Wing, can you also let us know where in Wing you're pasting (in 
> editor, or elsewhere)?

Aha ! If I omit (2), copy works for me. I'm pasting in wing in the
editor window (scintilla). It seems that the copy buffer is cleared by
any left click prior to a middle click. I have the habit of left
clicking before middle clicking... I guess it felt more natural to see
the flashing cursor position before pasting. I'll unlearn that, it seems
redundant now - and harmful...

Thanks for the excellent help.

Thys Meintjes <thys at quaint.co.za>

Thys Meintjes <thys at quaint.co.za>

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