[wingide-users] Scripting Wing Woes

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Aug 1 16:59:59 EDT 2005

Peter Kropf wrote:
> I'd like to add the ability to track some keyword that are used
> comments to indicate tasks that need to be done and things that need
> to be fixed. Basic format would be TASK: or FIXME: followed by some
> text that indicates what needs to be done. (Anyone know if this is
> already a feature of Wing? I couldn't find any references in the
> docs...)

This isn't currently implemented in Wing.  It's ambitious to try and do 
this as a script, especially when it comes to displaying the results. 
You may want to put the results in a temporary file like the cvs script 

> Error::Error executing script .user.internal_script_test.test_script
> Runtime failure details:
> Exception: 'exceptions.AttributeError'
> Value = "CAPIApplication instance has no attribute 'DisplayMessage'"
> Traceback:
>   File "2.3/src/command/commandmgr.pyo", line 735, in Execute
>   File "/home/peter/.wingide2/scripts/test.py", line 8, in test_script

Unfortunately, the example is wrong :(.  It should be:

import wingapi
def test_script(test_str):
   app = wingapi.gApplication
   v = "Product info is: " + str(app.GetProductInfo())
   v += "\nAnd you typed: %s" % test_str
   app.ShowMessageDialog("Test Message", v)


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