[wingide-users] Evaluating WingIDE

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Aug 1 16:38:26 EDT 2005

Michael Hipp wrote:
>>>- Ability to truly hide the horizontal tool area - it still takes up 
>>>valuable editing screen space even when hidden.
> I have the tabs showing. (Is there a way to hide them?) But I'm really 
> wanting it all to hide and allow the edit window to drop all the way 
> down against the status bar.

Use left click to bring up the popup menu and choose "Hide Toolbox". 
The toolbox box will be hidden except for the few pixel line that 
resizes the panes.

>   >> - Ability to move/hide the small tool bar above the editing window
> I think my preferred option would be to hide it as it is somewhat 
> redundant to the 'Browse Current Module' feature on the vertical tool 
> bar. But I'd also like the ability to move it to the same line as the 
> file tabs. Or perhaps even move it to the main WingIDE tool bar.

I think an option to hide it makes sense.  We could also enable moving 
it to the main menu bar, though that seems less important.

>>Also, did you try hiding to file tabs?  This is a way of hiding a tool 
>>bar and maximizing screen real estate.
> I think you meant "hiding the file tabs". I like the file tabs showing 
> as they're the fastest way to jump around in the files.

If you hide the file tabs, a drop down menu appears that lets you switch 
between files.

>>There is a "hide tool box" on the tool box's context menu that is 
>>brought up with the left mouse button or by clicking on the triangle on 
>>the left of the tool box.
> Yes. But I would like an easy-to-hit target that makes it (fully) 
> disappear with one click. Note that the 'F1' key is appreciated. But 
> something in the GUI would be helpful also.

This is a tradeoff between screen real estate and making it easy to 
find.  We'll probably see if we can come up with some sort of small button.



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