[wingide-users] Evaluating WingIDE

Markus Meyer meyer at mesw.de
Mon Aug 1 15:28:05 EDT 2005

Michael Hipp schrieb:

>>Currently the tab key always indents a line, no matter where the cursor 
>>is.  Ctrl-T can be used to enter a tab character.  We intend to provide 
>>the option of changing this in the future.  Can you send any examples of 
>>where Wing fails to indent to support at wingware.com?
>I guess I'd like to recommend the rule of "no surprises" in that the tab 
>key does what's expected by our experiences with other text editors.
Just curious: Isn't it possible to assign the TAB key the meaning of 
Ctrl-T through defining a keyboard shortcut in preferences? I remember 
there was a discussion about this recently on this list, but I can't 
find it right now. This would be exactly what you want (though it can be 
argued that defining a separate option for that in preferences would be 


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