[wingide-users] keyboard commands and macros

Uwe Holst uwe at holst.ws
Mon Aug 1 11:57:32 EDT 2005


I'm new to Wingide, so please be patient with me ;-)

1. keyboard
As far as I understand, it is possible to bind top-level commands to special
keyboard buttons. I don't like learning keyboard combinations. Is there a
possibility to execute these commands via a shell or something similar (like
the ex: commands in vi)?

2. macros
Is it possible to save recorded macros?

3. syntax highlighting
Is it possible to make own syntax highlightings for other programming
languages? I'm testing software wirh Rational Robot (language is a basic
dialect). Robot has very poor editing facilities and therefor I would like
to use Wingide as a replacement.

I looked für these issues in the documentation but didn't find the answers.
If it's written elsewhere pls tell me where.

Thank you very much - Uwe Holst

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