[wingide-users] yet another unicode puzzle

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Tue Apr 26 19:43:16 EDT 2005

In my continuing struggle with Unicode (in particular the Unicode build 
of wxPython, which I'm using with Python 2.4.1 on OS 10.3), 
I've discovered this odd bit, which I'll bet has a simple explanation: 
If I call wx.GetDefaultPyEncoding(), which returns the string encoding 
for the system at the moment, it returns 'mac-roman' while I'm in the 
WingIDE, but when I build a standalone app using py2app, it returns 
'utf-8'. (On Windows it returns 'cpsomethingorother'.) This rings a 
bell, but I can't place why the difference occurs.

Charles Hartman

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