[wingide-users] Wing IDE 2.0.3 released/ I tried and installed 2.0.1-1 back (win32)

Eino Mäkitalo eino.makitalo at netitbe.fi
Sat Apr 23 10:07:03 EDT 2005

I installed it and editor stopped working.
    I tried to load files (it show title but no program text - it was empty)
   I tried to create new empty python file " print "hello" " (obviously)
   Save did not worked - so I was not able to run it because it did not 
save it etc.

Some serious problems with version or with my Windows XP.
I tried Wing ide 2.0.2 - same problem.
So I have to continue to use Wing 2.0.1-1.
Maybe these versions are for OS X and Linux?

Eino Mäkitalo

support at wingide.com wrote:

>We're pleased to announce the release of Wing IDE 2.0.3.  This is
>a free upgrade for Wing IDE 2.0 users.  The release can be
>downloaded from:
>Highlights of this release include:
>* New keyboard personality for OS X
>* Debugging support for 64-bit Linux versions of Python
>* Editor performance improvements
>Note for OS X users
>The default keyboard mapping has changed so it's much closer to the 
>native OS X keyboard mapping.  See the OS X howto for information 
>on the new preferences:
>To get the mapping used in Wing IDE 2.0.2 back, change the keyboard
>personality preference to 'normal'.  Thanks goes to Russell Owen
>for his help developing the new keyboard mapping.
>This release is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and
>can be compiled from sources on *BSD, Solaris, and other Posix
>operating systems.
>A complete list of changes is available here:
>For more information see:
>Product Info:   http://wingware.com/products
>Sales:          http://wingware.com/store/purchase
>Upgrades:       http://wingware.com/store/upgrade
>The Wingware Team
>Wing IDE users list

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