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Fri Apr 22 15:55:55 EDT 2005

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Danny Bloemendaal wrote:
> Maybe I should have but there is something inside me that refuses to get 
> the manual for simple things like searching and replacing. When I drive 
> in a car I haven't driven before, I also don't have to get the manual to 
> see how steering or braking works. Some things just need to be obvious ;-)

I'm an inveterate documentation ignorer myself so I can certainly 
understand that.

It sounds like the two biggest issues are default <tab> behavior and
incremental search being on by default.  Both are fixable by altering
your configuration (turn off incremental in search manager Options,
and add key binding for tab to do 'forward-tab' in preferences) but
for new users we may need to go to the more recognizable defaults.

For the tab key, we are working on additional key bindings so people
will be able to tell Wing up front what they're most familiar with
and the tab key will work accordingly.  Incremental search is also
available in the toolbar (and that acts in a semi-standard way for
toolbar search tools) so changing the search manager to not do 
incremental by default seems acceptible.

And yes, we will add search-in-selection and better ways to select
blocks of code in a way similar to how brace matching works now.
Also, someone mentioned F3 not working like expected, which I think
is a bug and not what we intended.  We'll look at all the suggestions
more closely next week.


Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
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