[wingide-users] Re: search/replace revisited...again

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Thu Apr 21 13:58:16 EDT 2005

In article <4267AD5E.1030708 at companion.nl>,
 "Danny Bloemendaal" <danny.bloemendaal at companion.nl> wrote:

> I'm a (ex)window$ user ;-)
> I can see that in some cases incremental might help you indeed. However, 
> when I do a search/replace I don't see the benefit because you always 
> know exactly *what* you want to replace. So when i want to replace the 
> name of a variable in a function, the last thing I want is that my 
> position is changed while I type the name of the variable. That's just 
> plain wrong.

I agree, though I can see why they did it this way -- the S&R and S 
versions are so similar and it might feel weird to have the S-only 
incremental and the S&R not. But it does sound like a good idea to me.

Personally I'd also like a command that copies the selected text into 
the Search area without executing a search. (And another command that 
did the same for the replace field.)

> (and where is the option to limit the replacements to the current 
> selection? I could select the function to make sure it doesn't do too much)

Ouch. I really like to have "replace all in selection" (I'm new enough 
to WingIDE that I didn't notice it was missing).

My frustration is that so many crucial settings are buried in the 
Options menu where they are invisible.

Suggestion: add checkboxes below the rest of the search/replace 
controls. There's lots of blank space (at least if I make the bottom 
toolbar tall enough so other items are usable).

Here are a few suggestions for adding "replace all in selection" support:
- Add a button "In Selection". Maybe in the space formerly used by 

- A two-part suggestion (this is a typical Mac solution but perhaps not 
so Wing-like):
1) add a checkbox or Option menu item "In Selection". This is visible 
but a bit clumsy to use. Thus only for occasional users.
2) Allow the user to pick a modifier key that toggles this option 
temporarily (only while the modifier key is held down). This is how most 
savvy users would do it. The checkbox gives useful visual verification.

- Simple but hard to use: add a command only. Thus make the user assign 
a keystroke to it or type the command by name. A bit painful but doesn't 
clutter the user interface.

-- Russell

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