[wingide-users] search/replace revisited...again

D. Bahi dbahi at enterasys.com
Thu Apr 21 07:36:16 EDT 2005

fairly standard user interface terminology. the more wordy version is


the incremental search should start from where your cursor is though...
i think that's all you're asking for right? and if there is a way to
abort the search you should go back to where your search started - at
least that is emacs behavior.

or, as you've found, you can switch it off.

Danny Bloemendaal wrote:

> Mmm, I have been trying stuff and I think it is the 'incremental'
> switch in the options. Pfff, what a cryptic way to call it.
> Lennart Regebro wrote:
>>> It is totally wrong to jump around while I type my search string. DON'T
>>> DO THAT!!!!
>> That never happens to me.
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