[wingide-users] Observations on Wing Speed

Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Mon Apr 18 11:03:00 EDT 2005

I have a few observations about WingIDE's speed. I think it largely 
depends on the size of the project, because my main project has 
literally hundreds of small PHP and template files, along with the 
back-end Python files. Curiously, my editor seemed considerably slower 
after doing a global search on these files (I don't mean during the 
search itself). Restarting the IDE seems to reset the speed hit from the 
global search. Intrigued, I tried splitting my project into two separate 
project files: one for the web stuff I seldom ever look at, and another 
for the Python files I constantly use.

By removing these other files from my project, I managed to pretty much 
completely restore the responsiveness of my editor. This seems a bit 
strange to me, because it doesn't seem like WingIDE should be processing 
non-Python files in the background. Has anyone else noticed, or does it 
seem plausible that having a large number of small text files in the 
project could slow down Wing's editor? It seems like, based on the fact 
that the problem tends to be worse after a global search, that it would 
be a memory leak.


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