[wingide-users] Feature Request: fish:// filesystem access for remote zope/python/etc debugging.

Edward Muller edwardam at interlix.com
Thu Apr 14 15:23:08 EDT 2005

fish;// or similar support for filesystems.

In KDE you can enter fish://host/directory (or fish://user@host/directory) in 
konqueror and you can connect to the filesystem remotely via ssh (not sftp). 

We support a lot of zope and plone sites and matching the configuration of 
installed products and what not locally for each of them is impossible. So we 
really don't use the WIng/zope integration at all.

Being able to access the remote filesystems with nothing more than SSH would 
work best for us. I'm hoping it would also be of interest to others and 
possibly the wingware team.

P.S. It's my understanding that you need a copy of the files for the zope site 
you are debugging setup locally (or reachable via nfs or other mountable fs) 
to be able to use the features of the zope/wing integration. If that's not 
the case, could someone hit me with a clue stick?

Edward Muller - Interlix
edwardam at interlix.com
PGP Key: http://interlix.com/Members/edwardam/pgpkeys
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