[wingide-users] Contributed modernized WingDBG

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Wed Apr 13 16:18:18 EDT 2005

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Martijn Pieters wrote:
> FormController scripts are on my wishlist as well, but I have no time in
> the forseeable future to make that happen myself (Masters project to
> finish first, next to a full-time job).

Ah, I think I may know what the problem is w/ this.  The author
of FormController accepted our patches for script debugging quite
a while ago (in 1.0-beta6) so we no longer included patches in
our dist.  However, now that we're monkey patching Zope, his
variant of the patch (which disables itself if running on
un-patched Zope) may not be loading correctly if it's looking at
the Zope/CMFCore code before the monkey patch is installed.

In other words, I think his patch may assume a hard-patched and
not runtime-patched Zope.

You can see the changes we submitted (very simple) here:


If I'm right, the best solution is probably to add patching of
the few cmfformcontroller methods to the ScriptDebugging.py patch
module in WingDBG, as it now patches Zope and CMFCore.

Sorry this is such a mess but we've been unable to get the Zope
or CMFCore authors to accept (or even, as far as I know, look at)  
the script debugging patches, which by the way are here:


- Stephan

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