[wingide-users] Re: Script to Keep Your Projects Clean

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Wed Apr 13 12:33:04 EDT 2005

In article <425D3A5A.7040003 at kenkinder.com>,
 Ken Kinder <ken at kenkinder.com> wrote:

> Russell E. Owen wrote:
> >A few comments:
> >1) I don't see any messages from the script in the Messages panel. I do 
> >see a progress report in the status bar (or whatever it is called) along 
> >the bottom of the main IDE window, but that doesn't leave any record. 
> >Having messages in Messages would be really nice.
> >  
> >
> It just uses print, which Wing seems to dump to your Message panel. You 
> might check the option menu inside of messages and make sure it's set to 
> Scripts.

Setting the Message panel's pop-up menu to Scripts did the trick.

I suspect WingIDE has a bug here, because my panel had been set to "All" 
and that does NOT show the messages.

-- Russell

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