[wingide-users] Re: Script to Keep Your Projects Clean

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Tue Apr 12 16:37:07 EDT 2005

One other script quirk: apparently one needs to select a particular item 
in the Project window to scan. It then only scans that item and its 
contents (rather than all files in the project).

In my case my project doesn't have one parent folder shown. I put the 
project file inside the top-level directory on purpose to make 
navigation easier in the Project window. So I can only scan bits and 
pieces at one time.

If it's practical to fix this (e.g. always scan all files or only scan 
all files if nothing is selected), it'd be really handy. If not...well I 
can wait until Wing adds an auto-synch feature.


-- Russell

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