[wingide-users] Revert to save? Split project pane?

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue Apr 12 10:55:21 EDT 2005

Russell E. Owen wrote:
> Is there a "Revert" command that discards changes? I can't find it in 
> the menus nor the help file, but may be using the wrong name.

There is current no revert command.  We'll add one in the future.

> Also, is there some way to split the project pane? My project splits 
> pretty well into two halves (the front end stuff and a package of 
> utility functions), so it seems natural to try to browse them in 
> separate panels. Probably not very important due to the excellent 
> navigation (e.g. Source Assistant). But I thought I'd ask in case I was 
> missing something obvious.

You can create multiple project panes by right-clicking on the project 
tab (or any other tool tab) and selecting the project item from the 
insert tool submenu.



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