[wingide-users] Projects and filesystem question

David Niergarth dn at hddesign.com
Mon Apr 11 16:55:26 EDT 2005


Is there a way for a project to reflect what's on the file system
(so that any changes on the files system simply show up in the project 
without having to delete and add files)?

When I "Add Directory Tree" to a project, it adds the directory and 
contents as of that moment. For what I've been using Wing for so far, it 
would be more convenient if the project browser was more a project 
directory browser. It gets tedious adding and deleting/renaming files, 
especially when first starting a project. (My projects tend to be small 
and casual and my Wing projects aren't doing much more than helping me 
keep track of a couple directories at a time.)


--David Niergarth

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