[wingide-users] Thread Safety and Scripting

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Apr 7 13:14:21 EDT 2005

Ken Kinder wrote:
> Is it safe to call ExecuteCommand from a thread? I couldn't find any 
> mention of threading in the docs.

Don't use threads.  If you need something to happen in the background, 
schedule it as an idle task; see the cvs.py script for an example.  This 
should be (but isn't) documented.

Our philosophy is not to use threads in almost all cases -- and as a 
result, we not spent any time debugging thread problems with the IDE 
itself (well, not quite, we have spent a few days pulling our hair out 
tracking down problems introduced by dll's being loaded into the process 
and starting threads ;).

Threads do have their uses; I am not saying that threads should never be 
used.  We made a decision not to use threads when developing Wing, which 
means that scripts cannot use threads.



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