[wingide-users] Three Pane Class Browser?

Peter Butler peter.butler at 141.com
Wed Apr 6 20:44:58 EDT 2005

I'm a long time user of Eclipse (and before that VisualAge for Java),
and I've recently switched to developing in Python in Wing.

I've  been using Wing for a couple of months now on a reasonably large
project and I like it, especially the code completion and search
features.  These features make navigating large codebases much easier. 
It's certainly much better than any other Python IDE (and I tried most
of them before settling on Wing).

There is one feature that I really miss from the previous IDEs that I 
used - the three-pane class browser.  Click on a module, see the
classes.  Click on a class, see the members.  Click on a member, jump to
the line in the editor.

Is there any possibility that this feature can be implemented in Wing? 
It does not seem as though this would be very difficult and this would
be a very useful feature for me (enough to get me to upgrade to the
Professional Edition).

Please note that I'm not talking about the tree-based source browser
that already exists in Wing Professional.  I find this type of browser
useful up to a point, but they have the limitation of not showing an
overview of the code.  Also, this type of browser usually involves lots
of clicking and scrolling.

Thanks for your time.

Peter Butler

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