[wingide-users] Problem with project file

Benno Luthiger benno.luthiger at id.ethz.ch
Wed Sep 22 04:31:38 EDT 2004


Using Wing IDE Professional (2.0.0-b5) on Windows XP I face a serious

Since some time I can't save changes in my Wing Project Files anymore. In
the status bar, the following message is displayed:
'Failed to write parts of the project file: Could not write to read-only
file MyProject.wpr.'
However, the specified project file isn't read-only at all.
Any ideas to solve this problem?

The other problem is less serious:

When I browse for a folder to select a directory that can be added to the
project, the file dialog window is displayed. I then can navigate to the
desired directory or enter the folder name in the input field. I am used to
enter parts of the path of the desired directory and then hit the return
button, expecting the path to be expanded in the navigation tree for that I
can navigate further to the desired directory. Instead, the file dialog is
closed and Wing tries to add the directory at the path actually entered.
This is a little bit confusing.

Benno Luthiger


Benno Luthiger
WEP J 11
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
CH-8092 Zurich

Tel: +41 1 632 57 65

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