[wingide-users] A couple visual glitches

Robin Dunn robin at alldunn.com
Thu Oct 28 15:44:47 EDT 2004


Here are a couple little visual glitches that are probably low priority, 
but are annoying and if fixed I think would help improve the "perceived" 
quality (first impression type of things) of the product.

I'm on a fairly speedy Linux box with "Use System Gtk" and "Use System 
Theme" turned on, using the system's Galaxy theme.

* When changing between active editors (for example by clicking on the 
notebook tabs, although it does it other ways too) there is a very 
noticable flash of the background grey as the one editor is hidden and 
the new one is repainted.

* The text on the notebook tabs for the left/right toolbox is difficult 
to read.  It looks like the text has been antialiased for a background 
color of the typical light grey, but I use a darker grey for my standard 
gtk backackground settings.

* While stepping through code in the debugger the Stack Data tool window 
  flickers way too much.  It looks like the list widget is cleared 
before the step, and then I see a flash of the background grey again 
(where is that coming from?  is the widget destroyed and recreated?  it 
almost looks like it...) and then after a moment the list is repopulated 
with the new stack data.  On Windows I don't see the apparent destroy 
and recreate, but I do noticably see the data being cleared and then 
reloaded into the widget.  It would be very nice if this data transition 
could be smoothed out in some way so it is not such an eyesore.  Perhaps 
the data removal step could be eliminated and just update the data when 
the debugger stops after the step.

Other than these things it's looking real nice!

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman
http://wxPython.org  Java give you jitters?  Relax with wxPython!

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