[wingide-users] Horizontal scrolling is strange

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Wed Oct 27 17:04:42 EDT 2004

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Hugh Gibson wrote:
> The horizontal scroll operation in Windows 2000 is quite strange. Clicking 
> on the arrow at the end of the scroll bar moves the window by a fraction 
> of a character. IMO this should be by a full character.
> Clicking on the scroll bar between the thumb and the arrow moves by about 
> 6 characters. This should be by about 15 or so.
> Have you set the scroll range too high?

Improving horizontal scrolling is a deceptively complex can of worms we
didn't want to open before 2.0 final.  However, its on our list to fix
soon after.

Sorry about that.

Stephan Deibel

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