[wingide-users] rc2 issues and performance problems

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Wed Oct 27 09:47:24 EDT 2004

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Danny Bloemendaal wrote:
> In the project toolbox, quickly multiselecting different items (was
> making a selection to remove many gifs that were listed) opens the item.
> It treats it as a double click eventhough I single click on different
> items.

Thanks, yes, that is a bug.

> I created a new project and tried to add a directory but when I selected
> the folder, nothing happened. I then added a single file and that showed
> up in the Project toolbox. Then I tried again to add a directory and
> then indeed the entire directory tree was shown in the project toolbox.

Wing adds the files in the background -- was it definately done w/ adding
the folder?  Could be a bug also, I've noted it.

> Mmm, after having using it now for a few hours, I revert back to the
> previous version (again). Sorry but the speed with which the cursor
> moves through the code is unacceptably slow (on my WinXP box). And WinG
> is eating away lots of cpu power even when I do nothing. The fan is
> constantly blowing. The whole experience with WinG is just too slow.
> This is really unfortunate because I really really would like to use
> 2.0. I tried to turn off and close all source analysis stuff but that
> didn't change a thing.
> Also, dragging editor windows, scrolling in toolboxes is a pita. Screen
> updates are far behind. If you ask me, rc2 is by far not a
> release-candidate. I agree that speed has improved since earlier
> versions but I still can't use it (I can even accept the lacking support
> for dual monitors for now but the speed makes me too inproductive).
> Is there any chance this will be better soon? Please say yes!!!

Yes, obviously we need to resolve the speed issues on Windows!

I see this sluggishness also on a win2k vmware image so I hope we can
fix this soon.  It may be as simple as a build problem since we fixed
CPU load very similar to this that first appeared in 2.0rc1.

Sorry about that!

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
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