[wingide-users] rc2 issues and performance problems

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at companion.nl
Wed Oct 27 08:22:51 EDT 2004

I didn't use the default skin and after switching to it there wasn't
much change. 
I did some tests and started with a blank window, typed a few lines of
text. Moving the cursor around was rather fast, roughly what I would
expect. While moving around though, I could see that the movement itself
wasn't constant. During movement you can see pauses or delays. The more
text I added to this window the slower the movement became. With about
50 lines of text, horizontal movement was unacceptably slow. Vertical
movenment also started to crawl. And the irregular speed of the cursor
becomes even more irritating. The irregularity itself seem to be
constant: about every 10 characters it pauses for a moment.

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> And if you use a default theme ? Without bells and wistles ?
> Really the theme that comes by default on wing eats so much, 
> but when i put a defalt theme on my gtk it run preeeeeeeeeeeetty fast.
> Talking about it, i dont understand why wing comes with a so 
> heavy theme by default. Of course it is beauty, but it is 
> heavy and it gives the idea that the ide is slow.
> Can someone try it besides me ?
> Im my case it did pretty good to my enviroment speed.
> See ya !
> Em Qua 27 Out 2004 07:34, Hugh Gibson escreveu:
> > I find it slow on my 1 GHz Athlon under W2000. It eats 20% 
> of the time 
> > just sitting there, and the cursor is slowed down as I move 
> it round 
> > the code.
> >
> > Hugh
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