[wingide-users] FW: Debugging xmlrpclib with Wing

David Detlefsen detlefsend at enovatia.com
Mon Oct 25 21:52:47 EDT 2004

As an added bit, I notice that the following shows up in the debugger output
window when the call define the xmlrpc server is made:

src.zip/debug/server/dbgserver.py:2546: FutureWarning: hex()/oct() of
negative int will return a signed string in Python 2.4 and up

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From: David Detlefsen <detlefsend at enovatia.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 21:33:44 -0400
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Subject: Debugging xmlrpclib with Wing

I'm having trouble using the Wing debugger with the xmlrpclib module.


The following code will run perfectly fine

Import xmlrpclib

Myserver = xmlrpclib.Server("http://myserver.mydomain.com")
...some calls to the server

But when I try to debug, stepping over the commands, the stack develops
normally (variables updated) but when I get tot the Myserver statement
above, the debug process stops (stack data shows locals & globals greyed out
and undefined).  

Am I doing something wrong here?  The code executes fine the but debugger
seems to stop.

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