[wingide-users] External files

Jacob Lundqvist jaclu2 at galdrion.com
Fri Oct 15 14:21:28 EDT 2004

I have defined external viewers for some gui-building stuff like .ui 
files, and when right-clicking I can launch the right tool.

But somehow this seems backwards, I keep forgetting the rightclik and 
just do a "normal-click" and open it within Wing (Argh)

To be exakt its a right-click + either two [down] or moving the mouse to 
the second item on the popup, such things build up during the day, quite 
irritating ;)

Most things in wing are so nicely intuitive, and where ones personal 
taste is different from the default most things can be redefined.

But I havent found a way to redefine this.

It would be realy nice if the default action would be to launch the 
external viewer for all file types where one is defined.

	regards /Jacob Lundqvist

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