[wingide-users] a no-problems report

Rene Pijlman rene at lab.applinet.nl
Fri Oct 15 05:53:45 EDT 2004

Ian J Cottee:
>I am not a convert of the IDE but I emphatically am a convert of 
>the debugger and more specifically the Zope debugger. The last three 
>weeks has been spent in some major Plone development and debugging. 
>Without the WingIDE 2 debugger I'd probably be shouting and cussing 
>still. Being able to step through Plone code, examine my globals and 
>locals and change the things in place is just INDISPENSABLE.

I'm just curious Ian, are there any specific new features for
Zope/Plone debugging in Wing 2.0 you're enthousiastic about? Or
are you talking about 1.1 as well?

Regards / Groeten,  http://www.leren.nl
Rene Pijlman        http://www.applinet.nl

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