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Thu Oct 14 23:32:14 EDT 2004

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Ian J Cottee wrote:
> And now some balance. I am not a convert of the editing environment 
> still and I think the big issue is speed. Compared to my usual Emacs 
> environment (I use ECB for class browsing and general IDE coolness with 
> Emacs) there just seems to be a fraction of a second too much pausing, 
> the screen doesn't have that 'snap' that I am used to. Maybe this can be 
> improved. Maybe the emacs keys don't work for me - I keep thinking it is 
> Emacs and it's not as snappy. Not sure. Any performance tips would be 
> much appreciated.


We'll continue trying to optimize the editor.  It's entirely possible
the delays you're seeing will be fixed in the next release -- we're
working on fixing a problem in the editor that causes the CPU load
reported by some users.  We know where the problem lies but are
still mystified why it wasn't there in 2.0b5 as well.

If not, let us know.  Wing should be reasonably snappy on any semi-modern
machine.  I use a 4+ year old 700Mhz laptop w/ Mandrake 10.1 Linux and I'm
quite happy w/ 2.0rc1 despite it's extra CPU loading.  But this is
subjective and there are many factors that can alter perception of

> PS I saw Boa Constructor being demonstrated at the Plone conference. One 
> of the nice features it has is ZPT debugging. Any plans for such a thing 
> in Wing?

Yes, we have plans to do this.  At one point we talked to some of the Zope
3 developers about this and it sounded hard given the ZPT implementation
at that time.  I'm quite happy to hear it's actually possible.

Thanks for the positive comments, too! :-)

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
Advancing Software Development


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