[wingide-users] a no-problems report

Ian J Cottee ian at cottee.org
Thu Oct 14 18:10:00 EDT 2004


This is absolutely no business of mine but that hasn't stopped me before 
;). I took Stan's comment as a 'hey guys - here's a non bug report, 
cause you don't get those'. Often, as I am sure you know as a developer, 
when you are reaching the end stages of a project the size of Wing 2 and 
your everyday is spent going through the latest bug reports you start 
thinking that your project is riddled with the things. Of course - that 
isn't the case it's just that you only receive the bug reports.

(as an aside I now have this mental image of a Microsoft app, popping up 
a box which says 'Hey - you haven't crashed today. Please fill in the 
details here to let us know how great we are')

So as both you and Stan have now sung the praises of the Wing team let 
me say that I am now a convert (and that has happened in the last three 
weeks). I am not a convert of the IDE but I emphatically am a convert of 
the debugger and more specifically the Zope debugger. The last three 
weeks has been spent in some major Plone development and debugging. 
Without the WingIDE 2 debugger I'd probably be shouting and cussing 
still. Being able to step through Plone code, examine my globals and 
locals and change the things in place is just INDISPENSABLE.

Why haven't I paid up? OK - I will do next week. I can't live without 
the thing.

And now some balance. I am not a convert of the editing environment 
still and I think the big issue is speed. Compared to my usual Emacs 
environment (I use ECB for class browsing and general IDE coolness with 
Emacs) there just seems to be a fraction of a second too much pausing, 
the screen doesn't have that 'snap' that I am used to. Maybe this can be 
improved. Maybe the emacs keys don't work for me - I keep thinking it is 
Emacs and it's not as snappy. Not sure. Any performance tips would be 
much appreciated.


PS I saw Boa Constructor being demonstrated at the Plone conference. One 
of the nice features it has is ZPT debugging. Any plans for such a thing 
in Wing?

onedsc at sonic.net wrote:

>If my reports were taken as a "trashing" of Wing, then let me set the
>record straight.  Wing has saved me a huge amount of time with remote
>debugging alone, not to mention the IDE features.  The pro version is
>worth every penny.  I really like the Wing IDE a lot.  I reported the
>issue as soon as I found it so that the folks at Wing could take a look at
>it.  They have been helpful in trying to debug the issue.  For me as I am
>on a deadline and have real code to produce for a real shipping product, I
>chose to go back to B5.  The issue I reported probably could have been
>safely ignored, but as a professional software engineer I feel an
>obligation to report the errors when found.
>Redhat 7.3, not my choice, it is needed for the project I am working on
>and I think John has summed it up nicely... "It just works" - and the
>expectation is that is keeps working between releases.  I think Wing
>rightly feels the same way.
>Thanks again Wing.
>>Thanks for the report.  We at Wingware take pride in the fact that Wing
>>IDE runs on a wide range of Linux distributions, from RedHat 7.1 to the
>>latest distributions (Mandrake 10.1 is the latest we've tried).  We
>>realize that not everyone can or wants to upgrade their systems and
>>strive to provide software that "just works" on as many systems as
>>Stan wrote:
>>>Hi folks,
>>>Thus far RC1 (from the "binary" tarball) is completely stable on my
>>>Debian-testing box, indeed running non-stop since whenever it was made
>>>To the user with problems on RH 7.3:  how about upgrading to something
>>>from this millennium?  That just might alleviate some issues.
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>>Wing IDE users list
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