[wingide-users] a no-problems report

onedsc at sonic.net onedsc at sonic.net
Thu Oct 14 14:09:35 EDT 2004

If my reports were taken as a "trashing" of Wing, then let me set the
record straight.  Wing has saved me a huge amount of time with remote
debugging alone, not to mention the IDE features.  The pro version is
worth every penny.  I really like the Wing IDE a lot.  I reported the
issue as soon as I found it so that the folks at Wing could take a look at
it.  They have been helpful in trying to debug the issue.  For me as I am
on a deadline and have real code to produce for a real shipping product, I
chose to go back to B5.  The issue I reported probably could have been
safely ignored, but as a professional software engineer I feel an
obligation to report the errors when found.

Redhat 7.3, not my choice, it is needed for the project I am working on
and I think John has summed it up nicely... "It just works" - and the
expectation is that is keeps working between releases.  I think Wing
rightly feels the same way.

Thanks again Wing.

> Thanks for the report.  We at Wingware take pride in the fact that Wing
> IDE runs on a wide range of Linux distributions, from RedHat 7.1 to the
> latest distributions (Mandrake 10.1 is the latest we've tried).  We
> realize that not everyone can or wants to upgrade their systems and
> strive to provide software that "just works" on as many systems as
> possible.
> Cheers,
> John
> Stan wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Thus far RC1 (from the "binary" tarball) is completely stable on my
>> Debian-testing box, indeed running non-stop since whenever it was made
>> available.
>> To the user with problems on RH 7.3:  how about upgrading to something
>> from this millennium?  That just might alleviate some issues.
>> Cheers,
>> Stan
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