[wingide-users] Issues with RC 1

onedsc at sonic.net onedsc at sonic.net
Wed Oct 13 13:21:03 EDT 2004

OK after complete re-install of wing IDE and blowing away all previous
.wingide dirs (under Linux) seems to have solved the CPU problem.  Sorry
for the false alarm.  :-)

However the permissions issue is still there.

- Dan C

> Seeing two issues so far.
> 1) File permissions not be refreshed in the IDE.
> Scenario:
> I open a project with files initially set to read only access.  The editor
> shows as r/o (correctly).  When I check the file out of source code
> control the permissions change, but they are not reflected in the IDE.
> The File:Reloading - External check frequency is set to the default 5.0
> sec.
> This is under redhat 7.3 Linux.  Once I close the file and re-open it in
> the IDE the IDE sees the file has write permissions.
> 2) Python is consuming 20-25% of the CPU at Idle just by opening a single
> file. When I close the IDE the load goes away.  Any suggestions as to what
> would be causing this?  This seems to be a big problem.  The CPU seems to
> be bouncing 0-25%-0, it is not a steady load.
> - Dan C.
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