[wingide-users] inspecting List type clases in wing

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Fri Oct 8 18:18:10 EDT 2004

Jacob Lundqvist wrote:
> If you have a class that does somethin "heavy" on the __len__() and or 
> __getitem__() operators you run into problems because each step in the 
> debuger those methods gets called. And if its a network/db class it can 
> take a loong time...

There's currently no mechanism for telling the debugger not to try to 
inspect a class as a list so returning 0 from __len__ (or raising a 
TypeError) is probably the best workaround.  The debugger does set the 
environment variable WINGDB_ACTIVE so you could key off of it rather 
than use inspect and look for safelen.



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