[wingide-users] Debugging Gtk+ apps AND Feature requests

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Sun Nov 28 23:31:37 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-11-28 at 00:33, Sridhar R wrote:
> As you might know, in a Gtk+ app an exception raised from callback
> doesn't propagate beyond the gtk+ main loop.  There is not way to
> identify such exceptions in Wing IDE.

You can choose to ignore an exception by checking the ignore exception
check box in the exception tool when you're stopped at an exception. 
This is needed because Wing can't determine if a C function will clear
an exception or not.

That said, it's usually not a good idea to let the pygtk mainloop clear
the exception because the exception usually indicates a bug in the code
being called.

> Also some minor feature requests 
> 1. Use the new FileChooser widget

This will come when we update the version of gtk that we compile
against.  What may complicate this update is determining how to support
users who want to use system gtk, but don't have gtk 2.4 installed.

> 2. Support 'color schemes'

Do you mean syntax highlighting colors?  Support for changing them
through preferences is planned.

> 3. Icons in menus

I've added this to our TODO list

> 4. aliased fonts in editor (aliased fonts are better for coding)

Whether anti-aliased fonts looks better depends on the fonts, the system
and the monitor.  You should be able to use the system gtk and have Wing
pick up your system wide aliasing preferences.

> 5. IPython shell support

It's on our TODO list.

> 6. 'New Project' command *must* ask for some sort of comfirmation,
> project name, etc. This could avoid some confusion.  It took some time
> for me to figure out that wingide creates a project in memory on
> start.  Repeatedly clicking on 'New Project' didn't show up anything.

This is currently set up to act like new file does; it simply creates a
new project without asking for a file name.  Perhaps the project tool
can be displayed and its label flashed after a new project is created.

> One major thing for dynamic languages is 'Add File' doesn't make
> sense.  May be we can have 'Add Path' with some sort of filters.  The
> filters will suggest what kind of files will be installed when
> deployed .. all these could go into setup.py  For eg.

Future versions of Wing will allow the project to be periodically
updated so that file added and removed from a directory will be
reflected in the project tree without manually re-adding the directory. 
For now, the workaround for new files is to re-add the directory tree to
the project when you add files.

Thanks for your feedback,


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