[wingide-users] Debugging Gtk+ apps AND Feature requests

Sridhar R sridharinfinity at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 00:33:49 EST 2004

As you might know, in a Gtk+ app an exception raised from callback
doesn't propagate beyond the gtk+ main loop.  There is not way to
identify such exceptions in Wing IDE.

Also some minor feature requests 
1. Use the new FileChooser widget
2. Support 'color schemes'
3. Icons in menus
4. aliased fonts in editor (aliased fonts are better for coding)
5. IPython shell support
6. 'New Project' command *must* ask for some sort of comfirmation,
project name, etc. This could avoid some confusion.  It took some time
for me to figure out that wingide creates a project in memory on
start.  Repeatedly clicking on 'New Project' didn't show up anything.

One major thing for dynamic languages is 'Add File' doesn't make
sense.  May be we can have 'Add Path' with some sort of filters.  The
filters will suggest what kind of files will be installed when
deployed .. all these could go into setup.py  For eg.

lib/gleam *.py
data/glade *.glade

instead of 'Add File'ing every .py and .glade file and you get the idea

Sridhar R - http://cs.annauniv.edu/~rsridhar
Blog: http://www.livejournal.com/~sridharinfinity

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