[wingide-users] Source Browser out of sync with file

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Thu Nov 18 11:42:16 EST 2004

Hugh Gibson wrote:
> Out of interest, where is the analysis cached? Closing and re-opening 
> WingIDE didn't fix it. And also, do you do a re-analysis after reloading 
> because of an external change?

The analysis cache files are kept in the cache subdirectory of the user 
settings directory.  The user settings directory varies by platform; the 
directory used by a specific installation of Wing is listed in the About 
dialog.  We don't recommend deleting individual files from this 
directory tree, but the entire tree may be removed when Wing isn't 
running.  When Wing starts the next time, it will recreate the 
directories as needed.

Wing should re-analyze if needed after reloading, but it apparently 
didn't when you reloaded.  We'll look into this problem.



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