[wingide-users] Source Browser out of sync with file

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Wed Nov 17 09:59:00 EST 2004

Perhaps due to changes in a file because of a CVS update, the Source 
Browser analysis for a file I have here is wrong. The functions indicated 
in the dropdown at the top of the file are also wrong.

How do I force a refresh of the analysis, without changing the file?

The file starts with 550 lines of comment (lots of CVS revision notes). 
The first item in the file is at line 560, but clicking on it in the 
Source Browser highlights line 509 (51 lines out). The last symbol in the 
file which is picked up by the source browser is at line 7671, but the 
browser highlights line 7617 (54 lines out) when you click on it.

Note: the line numbers match up with the Visual Studio (V6) editor, and 
opening up the file in that editor doesn't report a mix of line endings 
(CRLF and LF, for example).


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