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Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at companion.nl
Fri Nov 5 05:30:36 EST 2004

Yeah, bookmarks would be nice. Also, what about a toolbox/window that
shows the following:
* your bookmarks (saved within the project so they are not volatile
(unlike in many other IDEs)
* resently visited functions/methods (also not volatile, saved in the

Perhaps you can switch using a tab or button between these views. That
way you can quickly
navigate between functions that you work on very frequently.

Auto-bookmarking is also needed but actually serves a slightly different


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> > Is auto-bookmarking using the arrow buttons in top left of 
> editor not 
> > working for this?
> I guess I'm not sure when it will bookmark. Typically I'm 
> working in a routine and need to provide some methods in a 
> parent class to access some items. I would like to bookmark 
> the routine, add the methods in the parent then return to the 
> routine to finish coding. If I set the bookmark I get straight there.
> Also, I can set multiple bookmarks, e.g. set one in the 
> parent class, and cycle through them when I use the "next 
> bookmark" key combination. That's something that wouldn't be 
> provided by the auto-bookmark stuff.
> Hugh
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