[wingide-users] Zope debug and rc2

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Wed Nov 3 13:49:14 EST 2004

Jacob Lundqvist wrote:
 > When I reach my breakpoint, the path is still unchanged, its the
 > default one :(


When using WingDBG to debug code in Zope, setting the python path in 
Wing helps the browser / autocomplete engine find the definition of 
classes and functions defined by Zope but it does not affect the python 
path used by Zope at runtime.  To add a directory to a Zope instance so 
that it is used at runtime, you can edit etc/zope.conf under your 
instance directory and add a path directive to the file.

When adding a directory to the python path in Wing, you do not need to 
specify the directories added by the default python interpreter so to 
add a single directory to the path, you'd select custom and then enter 
the directory you want added.


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