[wingide-users] Zope debug and rc2

Jacob Lundqvist jaclu2 at galdrion.com
Wed Nov 3 11:25:43 EST 2004

im having a bit of a path problem.

In the docs for zopedebugging there is this part:

"Also in Project Properties, add to Python Path the directory lib/python 
within your Zope installation. Refer to the values given under the 
Status tab of the Wing Debugger you just added in the Zope Management 
Interface. Use the appropriate translated location according to the 
debug.location-map preference you set above."

The problem is how do I actually make this happen?

If I go to Project Properties and examine Python Path there are some 

1. The above quote mentions adding to path, in properties the ownly 
choises are Use default and Custom. In custom must I declare every 
single path I wish?

2. The popup helptext mentions ":" as a separator abd PYTHONPATH as a 
variable, but how do I actually use them?

My intention is to add a path: /usr/local/zoperi/test1/Extensions

What I have tried in Python Path (attempting with custom selected):

After each change I exit wing, stop zope, start wing, start zope, 
activate wing-debug in zope

When I reach my breakpoint, the path is still unchanged, its the default 
one :(

	regards /Jacob Lundqvist

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