[wingide-users] Problems with mini-search

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Mon Nov 1 04:28:00 EST 2004

There are some other issues here - when you have focus in the box and you 
want to highlight the text to replace it, shift+end doesn't highlight. Why 
isn't this a normal edit control?

Also, when you have the highlight in the edit control and you have found 
some text, and you press "escape" the focus in the file is set back to 
where you started searching. This is moderately annoying as I have to do 
the search again. I've found that if I press up or down arrow that the 
focus in the file is left at the newly found text, so I can use that.

However, pressing esc when the focus is in the main find/replace toolbox 
window has no action. I can't find a quick keyboard action to get focus 
back to the main file edit window.


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